Book Suey

We are a worker-owner cooperative bookstore and more.

Book Suey is a cooperatively owned and democratically run bookstore that provides access to books, connection to local writers and publishers, and meaningful conversation in a safe and welcoming environment. We bring together a diverse community of members and residents to share in reading experiences and learn from one another. We seek to transform the things we sell into ideas, connections, and relationships that form the foundation of vibrant communities.

We started Book Suey in 2017 to help reimagine the relationship between places, spaces, people, business, and community. We are a cooperative business, a community driven operation owned and supported by members and motivated by community value rather than profit. For the time being, we operate from within Bank Suey as a part-time tenant of the community space.

We are member owners: members owners work together to oversee Book Suey operations. They contribute their time, money, and expertise to keep the shop running. (Want to become a member owner? Stop in and chat with us.)

We are community supporter members: community supporters are dedicated customers who are committed to the mission and principles of Book Suey. For a one-time $25 fee, community supporters receive 10% off all purchases and some sweet Book Suey swag.

A Bookstore Co-op

Book Suey is a cooperatively owned bookstore, selling new and used books. Its member-owners democratically manage the store's operations, inventory, and special events, contributing their time and resources toward ensuring that Book Suey thrives as a space for book lovers of all genres. In addition to offering a wide selection of books, Book Suey hosts events, including writing workshops, book clubs, poetry readings, and book readings by local and visiting authors. [internal-site link to Events page]

The Building

Book Suey is located in the historic building known as Bank Suey on the corner of Joseph Campau and Caniff. Founded as a bank in 1924 (?), the space housed a Chinese restaurant from 19?? to 200?.

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