Joining the Co-op

Membership is open to all who are interested and willing to meet the responsibilities of membership.

Who hasn't dreamed about owning a bookstore? If you haven't, now might be a good time to close this tab and open up Netflix to your favorite show to binge-watch, no judgement. But if you are like us and are interested in investing in and spending time on growing our small community-focused bookstore, you are in the right place.

Before you begin a formal application, you should probably have
already done some (or all) of the following:

  • Visited us at the store
  • Chatted with some of the members—intently about something of mutual interest
  • Researched co-ops or other alternative and more democratic economic models
  • Read at least one book in the past month
  • Written something recently, about a book or otherwise
  • Thought about how you would like to contribute to the bookstore

Then, if you are interested, let one of us know and we will send you the application to get the process started. The process is as follows:

  1. Get to know some of the members and indicate your interest to one you feel a kinship with!
  2. Review our operating agreement and policy manual.
  3. Fill out the membership application.
  4. We will review applications at our monthly member meeting and let you know.
  5. Upon acceptance, begin your six-month provisional period (mostly for you to know if this is something you want to be a part of and for the co-op members to know if you were able to meet the responsibilities of membership).
  6. At the end of the provisional period, the full membership will vote to approve you as a full member-owner.

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